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 +==Group Minutes==
 +Please post these here:
 +===October, 20, 2010===
 +  * Presented on possible [[Laser Beam Redirection|beam redirection mechanism]].
 +===October, 21, 2010===
 +  * Decided that we would indeed be using the [[HAAS VF-0 CNC Machine|Haas VF0]] located in the student machine shop
 +  * Talked to Mike Schnaff about the types of tool holders the larger the slant of the holder, the more stable the tool is: categorized into CAT40/CAT50/CAT60
 +  * Decided to use the L-shaped mirror mounting
 +  * Considered whether to purchase an additional tool holder and then modify it, or make a pin on the top of the mirror mounting.
 +    * Ultimate decision: Pin on the top of the Mirror Mounting, Cheaper than purchasing a new tool holder
 +  * Discussed mounting pin diameter.
 +    * Final diameter: 0.75”
 +  * Drew up initial designs
 +  * Delegated responsibilities
 +===November, 3, 2010===
 +  * Initial SolidWorks design drafted
 +  * Only achieved general understanding with the rest of the class, as all specifications are missing.
 +===November, 17, 2010===
 +  * Design finalized, but technical SoldWorks drawing cannot be completed until the optical package arrives and final specifications can be implemented in the design.
 +  * C channel extruded aluminum forms basis of final design.
 +  * Waiting on mirror mount and mirror/lens combination specifications
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