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=====New Caps and Molds===== =====New Caps and Molds=====
 +We machined a new channel on the cap mold made by the Speedy Capper 2011 group. The new channel makes the cap we designed earlier this year.
 +===The New Cap===
 +A solid works model of the new cap which is thinner and more flexible.\\
 +{{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:2013_cap2.jpg?490x140| The New Cap}}
===The Mold=== ===The Mold===
 +Thanks go out to Sinisa for modifying the mold which he made years ago.\\
{{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2042.jpg?600x450| The Mold}} {{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2042.jpg?600x450| The Mold}}
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{{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2046.jpg?450x600| All Together}} {{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2046.jpg?450x600| All Together}}
-=The Injection!==+==The Injection!==
{{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2045.jpg?450x600| The Injection}} {{:start:classes:principlesofdesign:img_2045.jpg?450x600| The Injection}}
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