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===== Week 3 ===== ===== Week 3 =====
 +This week I made the copper screw using the lathe machine, and a special tool used to engrave the threads at the end.
{{:labinfo:people:students2011:ghost_protocol:2012-02-08_00.31.38.jpg?250|}} {{:labinfo:people:students2011:ghost_protocol:2012-02-08_00.31.38.jpg?250|}}
{{:labinfo:people:students2011:ghost_protocol:2012-02-08_00.32.08.jpg?250|}} {{:labinfo:people:students2011:ghost_protocol:2012-02-08_00.32.08.jpg?250|}}
 +===== Week 4 =====
 +This week I finished the pocket in the larger cube, and chamfered the smaller one (both done on the milling machine), so they now fit together with only 10/1000" spacing in one direction and ~6/1000" in the other, which is within the tolerance.
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