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-====== Problem Statement ====== +====== The Cooper Union's Open Source CNC Mechanical Tester ====== 
-The purpose of this project is to adapt a mechanical testing device to function inside of a CNC machine. The existing mechanical testing system created in The Cooper Union struggles to compete with commercial mechanical testers because the sensors that detect the position of the sample are too inaccurate for delicate biomaterials like cartilage. This inherently affects the calculation of the strain and modulus of elasticity of the samples being tested. The hopes of this project are to take advantage of the accuracy of the existing positioning system inside of a CNC machine. Our goal is to develop an open source design to add a load cell inside of a Roland CNC machine, and to create the software required to collect the data from the machine.+The cost of mechanical testers has prompted the rise of 'Do it yourself' (DIY) testers, consisting of reliable and accurate load cells. However, position accuracy, as well as motor reliability have proven to be problematic in many instances. In response to this, our group has designed a reproducible DIY mechanical tester, which uses the accuracy of a CNC milling machine to significantly enhance the reliability of collected data. In addition to this, we have included a graphical user interface, which combines every step of the project into one organized and easy to use window, where test parameters may be input. 
 +Our website is the forefront of this project. On it you will learn how to set up a CNC mechanical tester, you will be able to download the programs needed to run mechanical tests, and you will have access to written and video tutorials explaining what to do at every step.  
 +Visit our website at http://students.cooper.edu/isakov/CNCMechTest/HomePage.html for more information.    
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